Control Your Thought... Control Your Pain.

I will elaborate more on this post later in the day... I have to run out for the moment, but wanted to post this as soon as I found it.
Yes, it IS true... The MORE you can control your thought patterns (ie: negative thoughts DO cause Stress), the LESS pain you will experience/feel.
How do I know? I am living it. I have tried EVERYTHING to help lower my pain levels & being more positive DID make a difference for me.
Did I think it would? - I was skeptical...
How do you go about this? Well, for me I started trying to learn meditation and everything I could about "Relaxation Therapies"
Like I said... more on this subject tonight, but here for you now is a LINK (under my name) to get you started reading about this topic.
*this site has TONS of great articles, that are very informative*
The main site is:
Love & Blessings,
How to Discipline Your Mind

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