This Is For ALL Beginners -- A Guided Meditation

I know I have talked about alternative therapies in previous posts and meditation is one type that has really helped me.

It has helped me to lower my pain levels by learning to quiet my mind, to be calm & de-stress and have a more postive mind-set.

This is a good beginning video/audio which should help those who have never attempted to meditate AND is also good for those of you who already do.

I know I enjoyed it and I plan on posting more videos that I like and feel will be helpful to you also.
It is best used with headphones, laying on your bed in a quiet, darkened room.

*I also use aromatherapy when I meditate, either with candles or a scented lotion*
*Don't be discouraged if you don't 'feel' anything or any better the first time or maybe even the first couple of times...

The Biggest factor in Meditation is.... your mind-set.

You have to BELIEVE it is going to help you - KNOW (tell yourself)  that it IS going to work!

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