How To Have a Better Nights Sleep and Lower Your Pain Levels

I'm sure that anyone who deals with Chronic Pain is also not getting enough quality sleep at night.
I know, because there are nights that I STILL don't get enough sleep or good, sound sleep.
And this has been proven to increase pain levels and intensity.
That's why I have always been an advocate for meditation or really any methods that will help relax the body and destress the mind...
Alot of it has to do with 'thought control' -- what you allow yourself to think about or focus on throughout the day.
I found an article that will be helpful for you, as it outlines step by step what you need to focus on while you are drifting off to sleep or meditating.
He actually tells you WHAT thoughts to think of and imagine in your 'minds eye'.
So try this for a few nights or meditation sessions and I have a feeling that it will be very helpful to you!
Good Luck and as always,
Love & Blessings!

Click on the LINK below to be taken to Ryans article with full instructions.

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