Chronic Pain Is Very Disabling...

ok, just wanted to clarify that.
Because in the last 12 yrs that I have had to deal with my pain issues I've encountered many people who think that having pain (as in 24 hrs/day) should not be a problem that you cannot handle.
Some think you should just "get over it" & "just deal with it" or "stop whining" or "how bad could it really be" or my fav - "well, I have pain too" as I have been told on occasion...

Chronic Pain HAS been officially defined as a Chronic Disease/Illness/Condition in and of itself now.
So not only are most people dealing with the 'initial' disease or condition that they have been diagnosed with, but now also have to deal with living IN pain 24/7.
As in ALL the time.
As in EVERY second, of EVERY minute, of EVERY DAY of your life.

Now, it has taken me alot of years and alot of trial & error to find what works for me specifically - cause every persons pain tolerance levels are NOT the same (although I've had an actual 'Dr.' try & convince me that I shouldn't be in as much pain as someone 'older' than me-???, uh ok...)
So, that being said... don't listen to others try and tell You about YOUR pain.
It's yours...  In Your body. YOU are going thru it, living it, feeling it.
Not THEM....  How could they possibly know what you are actually feeling inside your own body -??

As I've mentioned before, the best approach that has worked 'for me' & for many others is of course your medications, (that will differ person-to-person depending on your 'initial' condition too), BUT the main point I am wanting to get across is doing just ONE thing isn't going to be AS effective as doing/trying Several Types of therapies TOGETHER...

Probably first and most important is just having/living a healthy lifestyle in general.
No smoking, no drinking(alcohol), eating the healthiest, freshest, natural food that you can.
Maintaining a healthy weight for your height - you all know those charts we dislike...
Look into & research thru the internet and books about eating healthy.
I even did alot of research into the Eastern Philosophy approach to diet (ie:Ayurvedic diet would be one).
Doctor-approved stretches every AM/PM (I am dealing with spinal/lumbar issues).
Modified Yoga & Pilates are great for helping with pain issues. (You need to keep your body as strong/fit as possible).
Get a YMCA membership (they now have scholarships based on your income).
At the YMCA - you can do water therapy/exercises, just indoor walking on a treadmill greatly helps your body. - most have saunas (good for toxin release) & whirlpool for hydrotherapy (muscle-stress relief).
Consider saving up to purchase a new mattress set. (I have a Sleep Number bed & I LOVE It!)
Spinal Decompression (is an expensive therapy) - BUT, I found an inversion table on sale (and a floor model) at walmart for under $80.
And I've mentioned before... Meditation, Relaxation therapies ARE So Effective, I never realized until I started researching and trying different methods to see what worked best for me... (again everyone  is different in what works for them, but at least try.)
Accupuncture, accupressure, reiki, massage - even just getting a manicure/pedicure or facial would be relaxing to your mind & body.
There is also aromatherapy, sound therapy, color or chromatherapy, art therapy(painting, knitting,crafts,etc.)
Cognitive Behavioral therapy which is just a fancy term for - Don't let yourself get stressed out! *lol*
Think Positive - Do Affirmations - which is actually good to do along with meditation.
I'm guessing a good example of thinking positive/affirmations would be the movie "The Secret".
If you haven't seen it, you can do a search on Youtube and watch it for free.
So most of all just take care of yourself...
- And pamper yourself -  not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Because one thing that I am absolutely 100% sure of  *and it's being scientifically proven more each year* and that is that THE MOST effective treatments out there are "Mind & Body" combined.
You can - not treat one without the other... I mean they ARE connected, are they not..??

ok... whew. wow, that was a long post... are you tired of reading yet?  lol
well here are a couple of  links I found that might be helpful to some out there.
Look them over & let me know some feedback on them - I/m not real familiar w/these ones yet.

Love & Blessings to ALL,

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