Does Anyone REALLY Care About My Pain?

I know that's what alot of you are probably thinking or feeling...
I know, because I have been there.

And now I'm back again.
Just when I thought everything was settled & I had finally found a Doctor that was actually nice to me AND believed in me.

I was told last month that he is retiring... So, I guess we shall see where it goes from here.
Anyway, here's a Video that might just give you a bit of Hope that things are changing for the better in the Healthcare community. I know it does me.
Cause, now what do I always say kids? All together now...


Please consider becoming an actual Member of The American Pain Foundation - painfoundation.org
And support our Cause in any way that you can. If we ALL join together, we CAN make a difference.

Please keep me in your Prayers & as always You will be in mine!
Love & Blessings,


Toyin O. said...

This is a great cause, thanks for sharing.

*The Old Geezer said...

Greetings From Southern California

I added myself to follow your blog.

I invite you to visit and follow TOGB.

Have a Nice Day :-)