Top Ten Tips for Finding Quality Health Information Online

Ok, so to start out with here is one article I found that lists some of your basic general health sites.
These ones are your "tried & true" credible and reliable Websites.

People with disability or chronic illness are more likely than Internet users with no chronic conditions to look online for information about various health topics. (according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project).
AND... Those with chronic conditions (*including yours truly*) report that the online searches/results actually affected the decisions they made about their treatment, interactions with their doctors, the ability to cope with their condition and their dieting and fitness regimen.

But PLEASE, keep this in mind...
When using the information found on the Internet to make decisions about your medical care. Double & Triple CHECK the validity of all info.
It is best to use your online research to educate yourself and be a more informed patient when working with your healthcare providers to determine the best treatment for you.

AND VERY IMPORTANT: Please know that *YOU* have the final say in whether you agree with the treatment you are going to receive. (Medications are included in this).
--More on this in a later post, because this IS a very important issue regarding healthcare & your patient rights!--

Click on the LINK below to go to the article and the Health Websites.

As always, Love & Blessings to ALL!

Top Ten Tips for Finding Quality Health Information Online

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