APF Position Statement on Reformulated Oxycontin

I found this today on the American Pain Foundations Website. (AFP - of which I am also a member)

I think this is a wonderful article and wish more doctors, nurses and healthcare workers would really take the time to read (study & research) different "Pain" related foundations, their websites and all the great information, articles, personal life stories, etc. that are included on them.

Chronic Pain is an extremely disabling condition/disease in and of itself.

Here are a few stats for ya...
76.5 MILLION Americans suffer with/from chronic pain.
Chronic pain affects more than diabetes, heart disease and AND cancer combined.

It is so unfair that patients in LEGIT pain should have to suffer from under-treatment because of a few "bad apples" in the bunch (so to speak)...
*she sighs*
well anyways, here is the LINK to that article/website (below).
and I will be posting more PAIN related websites, links, foundations, etc. later this evening - so be sure and check back.

Love & Blessings to ALL...

APF Position Statement on Reformulated Oxycontin

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